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2010 U.S. Western States Tour extended 

8/10/10 We're pleased to announce: April & Nikki's 2010 US Western States Indie Tour has been extended (which means more concerts in more states)! Tour dates now extend through October. Check back regularly for the most up-to-date tour schedule.

You Made a Difference in Haiti 

6/11/10 You made a difference in Haiti (for six weeks a portion of "Somewhere Between Sunsets" CD sales went directly to support relief efforts)! You helped raise enough money (from online album sales) to buy Haiti 2 water filtration systems (provides 150 gallons of clean drinking water for 10 years) as well as hygiene kits and seeds for volunteers to plant gardens. We worked with "Sustain Haiti" to do this (an NGO non-profit made up of Haitians, development specialists and other concerned citizens).

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