Supermarket Flowers

Recently, I received a touching message from a man I don't know. He told me that a song Brian Bingham & Anne Stevens recorded with me ("Angel") moved him and made him think of his mother-in-law who had been killed in…

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The title of my EP, THE GOOD-MORROW, was inspired by a poem I love, written by the 17th-century poet, John Donne ("The Good-Morrow"), portraying a deep, transcendent, awakening experience with love. The poem speaks to the journey my…

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My Sister, November

I was recently reminded of this poem I wrote a few seasons ago. May your November be blustery and beautiful.


My sister, November, came rushing in this morning.  

I could hear her shaking the trees outside…

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Celebrating Home

Home. It means and feels like different things to different people. 

I have lived in Utah for many years now. The looming mountains, canyon trails, and colorful seasons have captured my heart. It’s fascinating to me how we can…

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Resilient, but fragile

How very small and fragile this world seems to me right now. Resilient, but fragile. 

Most of us have been impacted by the hurricanes, flooding and fires lately so I'm guessing you know someone or may have family…

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Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness." 

Many of you are familiar with Brené Brown's work (or at least her Ted talk on vulnerability). Downright powerful and relevant…

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Beautiful people do not just happen.

“Beautiful people do not just happen.” 

A lot is written about the subject of beauty, and for what it’s worth, I’m going to add my two-cents to the conversation, since as a woman (and I’ll add that as a…

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It’s crazy to me how easy it is to find ourselves drifting into situations that seem appealing, only to later find out (sometimes after a lot of misery), that the appearance was misleading. 

The song Drifting is about anything…

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Recording With or Without You

I had never planned to record With or Without You.  
In fact, I planned not to. A few years ago, I planned on recording a very different song I wrote that quotes part of U2’s famous song, but had…

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Double congrats!
April was a Posi Award Finalist in the “Social Action and Justice” category in the 11th Annual Posi Music Awards. She performed her nominated original song at the Posi Awards Ceremony held in Tampa, Florida. Her music video, Truth Speak, was also a Posi Award Finalist and was featured at the Posi Music Festival.

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