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The title of my EP, THE GOOD-MORROW, was inspired by a poem I love that was written by John Donne ("The Good-Morrow") that portrays a deep, transcendent, awakening experience with love. The non-fleeting kind. I feel like it speaks to where my heart and head have been, and have continued to grow in, over the last many, many years. The title seemed fitting on several levels. This collection of songs feel like the next chapter for me - post "With or Without You." It includes more processing, and--importantly…

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Fall girl

My Sister, November

I was recently reminded of this poem I wrote a few seasons ago. May your November be blustery and beautiful.


My sister, November, came rushing in this morning.  

I could hear her shaking the trees outside my window  

As I half-slumbered and mused at her urgency.  

She is lovely. But not still, like Summer with her steady song and dance.  


October took her lazy time  

Enchanting us with her colorful, vibrant dance,  

But not to be outdone by our sister,  

November excitedly strips all the color…

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Home means nevada sunset

Celebrating Home

Home. It means and feels like different things to different people. 

I have lived in Utah for many years now. The looming mountains, canyon trails, and colorful seasons have captured my heart. It’s fascinating to me how we can love multiple places just as fiercely for different reasons.

I was born and raised in Nevada, my mother was born and raised in Nevada, my father lived in Nevada, and my Cowley grandparents (who used to own the Morris Hotel in downtown Reno) lived in Nevada for most of their lives…

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Resilient, but fragile

How very small and fragile this world seems to me right now. Resilient, but fragile. 

Most of us have been impacted by the hurricanes, flooding and fires lately so I'm guessing you know someone or may have family affected by it. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. 

Right now I'm incredibly concerned for my Uncle Jarle and his spouse who live on St. Thomas Island. Irma is now a category 5 hurricane with winds of 175mph. They can't evacuate. Not only is it unlikely his house will be left…

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Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness." 

Many of you are familiar with Brené Brown's work (or at least her Ted talk on vulnerability). Downright powerful and relevant stuff. For the last two years, I've been listening to many of her books on Audible (even multiple times). Listening to her research & writing continues to challenge and inspire me in some beautiful, hard, and liberating ways. In my daily efforts to…

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A lullaby for the baby my sister lost.

Child of Mine

My sister, Crystal, asked that I share this song I wrote for her with others who may have experienced a similar loss like miscarriage or stillbirth. Sending prayers and love to your broken heart.

Listen to the song here.

(recorded on my iPhone, please forgive the audio quality)

Beautiful people do not just happen.

“Beautiful people do not just happen.” 

A lot is written about the subject of beauty, and for what it’s worth, I’m going to add my two-cents to the conversation, since as a woman (and I’ll add that as a human being), it’s a topic that affects me as well. We each receive so many varied messages about what beauty is and the importance of it. My own concept of beauty has changed over time. I’ll share just a small part of my perspective, but I’d also like to know - what are your own thoughts on beauty? 


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It’s crazy to me how easy it is to find ourselves drifting into situations that seem appealing, only to later find out (sometimes after a lot of misery), that the appearance was misleading. 

The song Drifting is about anything that takes us away from what we ultimately really want. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, pornography, or even a philosophy or idea that hurts us – it offers a false promise – often a hope of making everything “alright." The word duplicitous comes to mind. :/ At some point we discover…

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Recording With or Without You

I had never planned to record With or Without You.  
In fact, I planned not to. A few years ago, I planned on recording a very different song I wrote that quotes part of U2’s famous song, but had a very different message (I may still yet record it).  

I was always deeply moved by the song’s epic and distinctive beauty. But the paradox of the words had always troubled me. How Bono could feel so internally torn, I didn't fully understand. But I still listened and sang at the top of my lungs in my car,…

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Home Means Nevada

Around this time of last year I was looking online for our state song...I had been raised singing it (like all Nevadans) and wanted to hear some recordings and find out who wrote it. I was disappointed that I could find only a couple female vocal recordings of it out there, but in the process I discovered this gem of a story on how it came to be our state song. I reckon'd maybe it was time for another female recording of it. ;)  

Growing up in Nevada was a magical experience for me.  As a child, I loved…

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Double congrats!
April was a Posi Award Finalist in the “Social Action and Justice” category in the 11th Annual Posi Music Awards. She performed her nominated original song at the Posi Awards Ceremony held in Tampa, Florida. Her music video, Truth Speak, was also a Posi Award Finalist and was featured at the Posi Music Festival.

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