The title of my EP, THE GOOD-MORROW, was inspired by a poem I love that was written by John Donne ("The Good-Morrow") that portrays a deep, transcendent, awakening experience with love. The non-fleeting kind. I feel like it speaks to where my heart and head have been, and have continued to grow in, over the last many, many years. The title seemed fitting on several levels. This collection of songs feel like the next chapter for me - post "With or Without You." It includes more processing, and--importantly, more hope.

Track 1:  Paul Jacobsen introduced me to Kasey Chamber's song "The Quiet Life" as we were sorting through ideas for this EP. It was love at first listen. The song was simple, charming - and speaks to every country-side-yearning, nature-loving, romantic bone in my body. Given our highly involved and tech-focused lives, I think all of us at times wish for a little more simplicity. Sometimes I dream of living out in the country with the ones I love (Wallsburg or Midway would be nice) or in some quiet forest (in Utah or Muir Woods). Here's to your own heart's little cabin in the woods... I hope this song helps you feel a little closer to it. 

Track 2:  I have often wondered what I might leave in a note to my family should something ever unexpectedly happen to me. Given all the trouble and tragedy we see around us in the news, it's something I think most of us, at one time or another, have thought about. In one simple, eloquent lyric, the Avett Brothers captured my heart's feelings about what I would hope to express, "Always remember there was nothing worth sharing, like the love that let us share our name." 

For many years now, a couple of hand-picked compilations of the Avett Brothers' songs (introduced to me by Nate Wray), have accompanied me as I have traveled by car up the Provo Canyon, on train rides between SLC & Reno, sitting in window seats on airplane rides to CA, or simply as my daily soundtrack as I work from my desktop at home. It centers me somehow. I'm sure I've listened to Scott and Seth Avett sing "Murder in the City" at least 200 times. It was the first song I knew I wanted to record on THE GOOD-MORROW. I think a lot about my family when I hear it and it reminds me of what is really worth sharing in life - love. 

Track 3: At the time Sarah McLachlan emerged onto the music scene her voice and writing seemed very different than anything I had heard at that point, I particularly loved the production. The clarity and space in her album "Surfacing" drew me in and I would spend hours in my room as a teenager pouring over the lyrics, the liner notes of the CD, and just trying to absorb every bit of her sound. It felt magical. "Angel" was among the group of songs that fed my soul-deep instincts to want to share my voice and stories with others.

Track 4: Every line of  Coldplay's "Fix You" feels like it has given voice to different pieces of my journey these last few years. I am forever grateful to Paul Jacobsen; it was his arrangement and suggestion that we consider trying it. I feel like it expresses so much of the human struggle; the rough patches we all face in losing sleep over broken dreams, loss and grief - as well as the glimmer of light at the end of a dark period in our life... "Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones." We all want to help those we care for - and yet also often feel an intrinsic need to receive help at different moments in our, often complex, journey.

I'm very grateful for Paul Jacobsen's heartfelt collaboration on this, Scott Wiley's guidance as we recorded, and Brian Bingham (The Backyard Revival) and Anne Stevens's beautiful playing. They have all been inspired muses for me in the process of putting together this album. I hope you like it!

You can listen to the whole EP here.

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